• The variety of zinnias we are growing this year are called California Giants!

  • These flowers produce stems as tall as 4 ft. with large 5” blooms, making This variety ideal for U-Pick flowers.

  • Each & every stem is unique & lovely! There are so many different colors, sizes, & shapes that you will see when you go out to the beautiful flower field.

  • You are able to walk to the flower field, or take our Hayrack Ride out to it. The pick-up for the Hayrack Ride will be close to our Barrel Train.

  • The zinnia field will be handicap accessible! Wheel chairs will be able to fit in the paths, & we also have handicap Hayrack Rides accessible upon request. Please let us know if this is something that will need to be accommodated.

  • When you arrive to the field, we will have a stand where you are able to get your cutters for picking.

  • We will be assigning rows for the U-Pick. If you are not here for the U-Pick & just here for the stunning photos you will be able to capture, you will not be assigned rows, you will be free to roam. Please respect the flowers & don’t trample on them, & stay in the paths.

  • When picking zinnias, you will want to cut either at the base or where the stems branch off, to promote more growth for that stem! Make sure they get into the water source as soon as possible.

Have FUN, pick some pretty ones, & make sure to get some photos & tag us on social media!


butterfly release


  • The butterflies we will have will be Painted Ladies! They will be coming from a small butterfly farm in Massachusetts called Butterflies & Blueberries!

  • They are the most widely distributed butterfly in the world. Painted Lady adults can cover up to 100 miles per day & reach a speed of nearly 30 miles per hour.

  • Think NEW & FRESH when you see any red spots on the envelopes. This is NOT blood! This is a sign of brand new butterflies – the red liquid is merconium. It is excess fluid that was not used during wing formation.

  • Upon arrival & check in at admissions, you will receive a ticket to redeem your butterfly at the pick-up station, located by the Hayrack Ride.

  • You are welcome to release your butterfly at your leisure, or partake in releasing your butterfly during our big release happening at 2pm!

Have FUN & make sure to get photos with your butterfly & the flowers - & tag us!